“pleasure of tasting a good dish and enjoying it with others, this is what I tried to perfect over the years with passion and creativity”


My passion for cooking has changed over time, from an hobby into a fulfilling way to make a living and spend time doing what I love most.

I would like to share this passion with those who desire something more than having the almost same dinners in a more or less good restaurant by giving the opportunity of spending a good and relaxing time with family and friends enjoying the intimacy and tranquility of home (or office) while I’ll take care of serving a delicious and original Italian meal.

Born in Puglia and raised in Sicily, Carmelo over the years has perfected the most popular recipes of Italy, starting with the traditional recipes of his paternal grandmother from Apulia, and his maternal grandmother from Sicily, to the most classic Italian dishes, using high-quality ingredients with authenticity of the classics.